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Always ask for referrals

One recent tactic I am proving over and over is to ask for referrals. Ever since I have added this to my main doctrine of service, I have done less searching and hoping for warm leads and more connecting and helping people who are out of work, need supplemental income, need a vacation, etc. Of course, when those leads become partner they get so much more than what they bargained for when they started. The income potential is unimaginable. When you have access to quality information and sponsors, i.e. your team.

My Testimony

Networker Lead Prospecting Tips Coincide With Teamwork

Your team is as important as your success, particularly when you are new to the industry or unsure about the most up-to-date strategies that lead to a productive income.

More to come soon…

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What We Do

We regularly discuss the potential struggles you could face in an online marketing job with our leaders. Whether the task is online or offline, correcting your deficiencies doesn’t always correleate to bigger income – However, here at brendaguzmann it does!

Why We Do It

We realize these questions can be asked a million different ways and we strive to decipher in a more meaningful way, over and over again in different ways, because we know that there are numerous ideas of success and it is important to strive to capture it all and lay it out in an achievable plan for you.

We play it real, that way we can expect your satisfaction, commitment, and personal success in brendaguzmann.

Proportionate Training to Income

And of course we want our income to be proportionate to your training and education and, we stand behind it to ensure you have those wealthy experiences. As in a lot of business school programs, books almost come second to what a top producer in the industry can offer: up-to-date real education. So we bring our Leaders of brendaguzmann to you to provide industry leadership in the same way each week.

Top Producers

Brandon Koon offered endless ideas on how to create fresh online advertising content within SEO.

Tracey Walker inspired us to nurture and commit ourselves untill you meet your goals, and at that peak of success to hold momentum.

Jon Mroz asserted that all you need to do is drive traffic, because it is all done for you at Empower Network.

Those details in short are what the leaders are doing. These are their best practices in the industry that their personal success is based.

The part about how to set this and that up is irrelevant because it is all done for you.

We understand what the struggles could be and this is why we have everything in place for you to leverage your success.


Redefining Online Commerce


People are making a living in Online Businesses. I did not know, or believe that it could be so, but here I am, making a living, too. I did not believe it until I met personally, on the street, one of these strangers, at my favorite bakery. I am so inspired that I want to help you as I have been helped.

I want to expose the reality of the online commerce taking place amongst our economy, coming at us in our innocent use of the web, in pop ups, our emails, ads all over the place.

It’s a real opportunity to make a living — To Make Money!


It is interesting how when you turn on the news, all you hear about is how the economy is failing; a lot of innocent Americans out of jobs —LIKE IT IS NECESSARY!!! Not at all. Companies don’t want to fail; the owner, stockholders, customers, all alike do not want to fail either.

So, who is allowing this to happen so easily in our highly advanced multi-talented nation…why hasn’t anyone promoted the art of online marketing…There are lots of jobs there, where these investors are concerned. Is it because we are just figuring out the comprehensive explanation on how to do so and guide others into the opportunity? Sure, it is. Let me guide you…


Jobs change with out us even knowing it. They are there yet undetectable even by the employers themselves. It’s true. It is part of the reason for all the contracting. Investors are unsure and want to protect their investments, they want to be able to pull out as quickly as possible.

We are entering a knew era of how to support investors without instruction on how—


So, because of that jobs evolve and without accountability.  Yes, there is an under-expression of actually understanding that tradeoff of achieving a requirement with the right components. Well we figured out a viable and highly lucrative option to staying employed.

The Bottom Line!

Investors need help, and because of that; we have an opportunity to help them in an online capacity…We can help you!

Let me explain to you how, without any investment from you at all.


I’m providing you with access to a new world of possibilities. It is a means to a living, freedom, and much more.

Looking forward to meet you soon!

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